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Photofacts - Twente
gelinkt aan je doelgroep) en gebruik (animatie-)filmpjes of behind-the-scene foto's en filmpjes. Laat zien wie er achter je bedrijf zitten. Laat testimonials zien van tevreden klanten, deel ervaringen en tools/hulpmiddelen die
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Fire Service Lieutenant, Willow, On-Call Responder

Government - Borne
and documentation, work and station duty assignments, on-scene firefighter supervision, and other delegated supervisory responsibilities, as required. Effectively interfaces with other emergency services' personnel
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For the time being I’ll keep doing all sorts of diff...

Security Talent - Twente
When you complete the infamous Kerckhoffs master, a well renowned name in the security scene. It's obvious that you will need a good challenge when you start your career. Erwin found this challenge at TNO where he started as
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Afstudeeropdracht Mohamed Abdelhady Agile Eye

Viro - Twente
rotational degrees of freedom. So this means using the camera in the end effector to detect, track and if possibly recognize interesting objects in the scene. To achieve this, several parts need to be integrated together. Starting
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